Indian Coal Mines in Australia

Indian Coal Mines in Australia

India currently has around 300 million people without electricity and is desperately seeking ways to rectify this problem. With an ever expanding economy that is growing at a phenomenal rate, businesses are often hindered by power shortages or lack of resources that would be readily available in other countries and that is where Australia comes in.bigstock-Colorful-India-map-on-the-glob-27532532

With a natural abundance of resources such as uranium and coal, trade deals with Australia are highly sought after by developing nations such as India and China and with India recently securing an agreement between the two nations to supply them with uranium to supply their power stations, they are now also turning to Australia for their wealth of coal reserves.

Along the East coast in the state of Queensland, several coal mines are being built and funded by Indian conglomerates that are keen to make the most of the burgeoning energy market back home as more and more affluence spreads throughout India, more energy is required.

One such company is Adani, which is India’s largest producer of electricity and also owns several ports. They plan to build a coal mine a quarter of a mile long in Queensland as well as the required infrastructure to get it back home. This would include a railway spanning from the mines to a purpose built port where the coal can then be shipped to India. All of this provides an incredible amount of investment and infrastructure in Australia who are reaping the benefits from this need for energy.

Australia has recently approved a $15.5 billion (£9 billion) coal project by the Adani group that will swell national coffers considerably as well as providing employment opportunities and further income into the economy. Other companies are looking at following suit. In July, the government approved the project that will lead to the creation of Australia’s biggest coal mine in the Galilee Basin region of central Queensland and will export 60 million tonnes of coal each year to India, for 60 years with Australia already exporting a million tonnes of coal each day all across the globe.

Michael Roche, chief executive of the Queensland Resources Council, said:

“While the rest of the world demands our coal, we will supply it. If we don’t, one of the other hundred countries around the world that produce coal will supply the coal.”

Coal ports also have to be expanded to accommodate the growth in demand which will see a considerable boom to the construction industry and infrastructure as well. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot is a champion of the Australian coal industry and recently said:

“Coal is good for humanity, coal is good for prosperity, coal is an essential part of our economic future, here in Australia and right around the world.”

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