While regulations concerning Australian immigration are strict, the country does offer a range of opportunities for people from all backgrounds, ages, and needs.

Australia is eager to make immigration into the country a mutually beneficial process and so encourages people who can contribute to the economy. People who are willing to invest in Australia, certain business skills, qualifications in one of the priority professions or trades, and are willing to live in a particular region of the country can take advantage of the provisions offered.

There are several types of visa available for Australian immigration:

  • Permanent entry visa
  • Work visa
  • Temporary entry visas
  • Visitor visa
  • Business visas

The most popular routes for personal immigration into Australia are:

Independent Skilled Migrant visa – this applies to qualified persons in approved occupations and only accepts people under the age of 45.

Skilled Migrant – Australian Linked visa – this applies to persons who have close family members in Australia that can sponsor them. Applicants are assessed on a range of criteria include age, qualifications, and language abilities.

Employer Nominated Migrant visa – this applies to skilled people who have been nominated to move to Australia by their employer in order to fill a job position when a local resident cannot be appointed.

For business Australia provides the Business Skills Migration visa. This programme encourages successful business people to move to Australia and set up a new business or expand their existing one within the country. There are various special provisions available for those that qualify for this type of visa.

The Business Skills Migration applies to business owners, senior executives and investors and is structured in two stages. A provisional Business Skills visa is initially valid for four years and then migrants are able to apply for a Business Skills (Residence) visa for permanent residence once the requisite business level is achieved or investment is shown to be maintained over a period of time.

There is an additional business visa called the Business Talent visa which is available to high-calibre business migrants that have been sponsored by State or Territory governments.

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