Starting a Business in Australia Can Be Highly Profitable if You know What Moves to Make

Are you looking into starting a business in Australia? Perhaps you are looking for an overseas business presence and just want to steer clear of the hectic, volatile EU and Asian countries. Well, the Land Down Under offers great opportunities to the foreign investor. Australia is not just a beautiful, natural resource-filled country with its own unique culture and history. The powerful and versatile economy, coupled with a workforce eager for jobs and skilled in every field, creates very alluring possibilities for the small and large business owner alike.

Starting a business in Australia can present many challenges to the uninitiated business owner. Many veteran business owners may feel that they have all the economic acumen to handle business incorporation themselves, but self-incorporation is not highly recommended for a number of reasons. While it is one of the more regulatory-free countries in the world, as in any other locale, there are legal, economic and cultural requirements that must be met, both written in stone, and “expected.”

Starting a Business in Australia

But starting a business in Australia is a cinch, and you can avoid any financial pitfalls, when you employ an Australian Business formation specialist who works daily in the Australian economic system, and uses Australian locals who are respected and experienced in the Legal and Accounting fields. They are privy to information that you and I could never know, and make for the smoothest, quickest business incorporation that will return the best possible numbers to your bottom lines and goals.

For instance, you probably didn’t know that starting a business in Australia has very few, and sometimes, no significant legal or regulatory requirements. But if you will be running an Australian resident business, you will need to file the appropriate papers with the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) in a strict time frame for approval first.

And when starting a business in Australia, the most common forms of incorporation are a limited liability company, a joint venture or trust, and a branch. But did you know that there are certain circumstances where forming a sole proprietorship would be preferred? For instance, if you file for a Limited Liability Company and the company name you wish to use is already listed as an Australian limited or private company, all your time and effort has been wasted. But a seasoned Australian Business formation specialist knows to check for this first, or just file as a Sole Proprietorship instead.

This is only one of many possible circumstances that arises when starting a business in Australia, and they should be addressed by a trained Australian business incorporation specialist. Don’t waste another minute, and don’t go it alone when you are starting a business in Australia. Call your Australian Business formation specialist today, and you’ll be celebrating with “shrimp on the barbie” tomorrow.


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