Why You Should Incorporate in Australia Today


The EU and Asia generally are the initial areas of interest when a business owner wants to open either the virtual or physical doors on a business start-up or expansion on foreign shores. But there are several reasons why Australia is very attractive economically, culturally and financially, and deserves strong consideration when you plan to branch your business out globally.

  • Economic Powerhouse – Consistent and consecutive economic growth, even throughout the global downturn
  • Geographical benefits – China and many other Asian countries depend on Australia for goods and services
  • Lower interest rates for corporate and personal business structures
  • Financial Incentives – 50 Billion dollar incentive and stimulus package in place
  • No need to pick up and move if a virtual store front is all you need
  • Gain a rugged, tough, wise and easy to deal with reputation for your business that comes with Australian incorporation

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