Sydney’s Second to Get the Economy Flying Again?

Sydney’s Second to Get the Economy Flying Again?

The Australian government has given its approval to the construction of a second international airport in Sydney which could lead to massive boost in homes and jobs for the country.

The proposed second airport, just outside of Sydney’s central business district, has been on the cards for around 70 years now but has constantly been put on the back burner until recently. With this latest investment into the infrastructure it could have a massive knock on effect for Australian trading.


With building on the $2.4bn project expected to start sometime around 2016, Australian PM has made it clear that he hopes to have a curfew free airport with the current Kingsford Smith airport in Sydney operating between 23:00 and 6:00 due to its proximity to the city.

With the first flights in and out of the airport not expected to be until the mid-2020’s, now could be an opportune time to invest in a business in Australia with the hope the airport will create around 60,000 jobs when fully operational and the Chief Executive of Australia’s National carrier, Qantas, stating that “…the benefits of having two major airports will be felt nationwide.”

The implication being that, with greater infrastructure and transport links, business and trade are in a strong position for growth in the future and by getting in before the boom starts off, establishing business can seek to benefit from this. 

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